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About Me

Game Developer and Programmer

I am a Programmer that is eager and passionate about learning and creating the best strategies to create intuitive and innovative user interactions and gameplay mechanics. I have experience with creating games in both Unity and Unreal 4. I am familiar with C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, and HTML.

Our Games

My Games

These are some of the projects that I've worked on recently. I've worked on these projects within small teams where communication is key to success and management of deadlines is necessary to move forward with realistic goals.

Snail icon 2.png

2D Side Scroller

Gastropoda is a greek word that essentially means Snail. This is a game project that I worked on in the PantherDev game development club. The idea for this game originated from a Reddit post about a person having the choice to become immortal at the expense of having an immortal snail also chasing you forever.


Bullet Hell - 2D - Casual

You play as a court Jester. The castle is in lockdown. You need to escape the castle by navigating through guards intent on stopping you. You can throw pies at the guards that will prevent them from shooting further projectiles at you. However, there is a limit on how many pies you can have per level, so you need to be clever with how you use them.


2D - Adventure 

An Evil Organization attacked Darlyn's father in order to steal a magical instrument that he had recently crafted. This instrument has the ability to project the user's intentions to the audience, and they plan to use it for evil. Darlyn must utilize her arsenal of magical instruments to get her father's legacy back.

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